Reaching, Teaching, Sending

Our fellowship has a rich history of sensing where God is working and then joining His invitation to become involved in that work. From our humble beginnings in 1963, when members of Second Baptist Church saw the community growing and needing another house of worship at this location, to the present - we have been committed to spreading the message of God's love in our town, our county, our state and in countries around the globe.

The Bible tells us that a church is made up of people, not bricks and mortar. The people that make up Henderson Memorial would like to invite you to join our fellowship as we ask God to transform our lives, our families, and our world. Come let God's love flood your soul, let Christ's forgiveness set you free, and let the Holy Spirit equip and guide you as we walk together through this journey called life.


Reaching - Jesus tells us He came to seek and save that which is lost. That was His mission, save people from themselves. Prior to His return to heaven He told His disciples, "as the Father has sent me, I'm sending you." He also told them, "as you are going through your daily life -  make other disciples" . . . We are just crazy enough to believe He was talking to us! In obedience and of our own free will we trying to reach the world, one person at a time,  with the good news that Jesus loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.



Teaching -Jesus also told his Disciples to teach everybody what  He had taught them. We are now His body; His hands, His feet, and His mouth.  I think He taught us that the "church" had 5 basic functions (listed here in no particular order):  Fellowship with one another (not just church folks with church folks - everyone!);  Evangelize (share the news that Jesus saves); Worship Him (together and individually); Disciple others (teach what we He said, not what we think); and Minister to people (meet their real needs in a practical way). 



Sending - the Bible teaches that we should all start our reaching and teaching in our own hometown, and then venture out to cover the entire world. Sometimes we can't go places others can because of distance, time, culture, whatever - so we send folks who can! Send them to do what? Reach - and Teach - and send!